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I'm Back!!!

 Hello everyone, Guess who's back.  I am Johnnielynn, I write a lifestyle blog where I write about my love of beauty products, nannying, pets, and anxiety.  I've been off of blogging for a while and I've missed it so much. Blogging has always been helpful to my mental health. I've also got a social circle of non makeup obsessed friends so while they let me talk about all of the different beauty products that I am loving it's not real exciting to them. 

Why did I leave?

Ok so as you can guess from the title this isn't my first blog. I first started my blog in 2015 and ran it well for 5 years. I never went "viral" and really it just made me happy. Unfortunately with 2020 came uncertainty and inconsistency so my anxiety crept into my blog. So I gave it up.  I felt like I wasn't putting anything into it, which made me feel guilty so I let it go.  But I've gotten my mental health back under control and am thrilled to start this journey... again

Why am I starting again

I missed having a space to go on about the things I love where my anxiety didn't creep in the way.  I love sharing my thoughts with out worrying that I'm annoying the person I'm talking to. If you don't care then you can click off and its ok.  I don't have to worry that you're stuck here under social expectations.  Because I spend too much time worrying that I'm a burden.

What to expect?

What do you have to expect reading my blog? Well I will use my blog to share about my experiences with anxiety. how it effects me and how I cope, and how I help make it better.  I'm also real excited to tell you all about the beauty tips, tricks and products that I am loving.  There will also be bits and pieces mixed in about child care and cheer coaching and all kinds of other things.  Really put in the comments what you wanna talk about and we will. 

Get in touch!

So If you're interested in joining my chaotic anxious life that make sure you subscribe! You can also find me on social media at XoJohnnielynn. Let me know in the comments what you wanna talk about! I want this to be a safe space where we can all be friends, 

Thanks for reading Bye


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