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Tuckers anxiety

Hi there! My name is Johnnielynn.  I am a lifestyle blogger who writes about mental health as well as other things.  Typically I talk about my own but today were going to be discussing my dog.  I got my dog in August 2020 yes he is a "covid puppy".  I adopted a dog mostly on impulse.  Now before you judge  I work from home, I have before covid and still do now that the world has gone back to normal. I have plenty of time with him and he is loved very much. Most people will hear that he was a covid puppy and he has anxiety and will tell me that's why.  They assume separation anxiety, Tucker doesn't have separation anxiety.  He has general and a bit of social anxiety. . It started as a puppy So I got him when he was three months old.  He was at an in home daycare, I don't know if the kids were rough with him or just too rowdy but when I got him kids scared him.  My nieces and nephews he was happy with, but other kids would scare him and he'd start panic barking.
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My anxious life

 Good morning or evening I don't know when you logged on. My name is Johnnielynn and I am extremely anxious.  I have struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember.  Over my 34 years of life I've had to learn to cope and how to function not just with it but inspire of it.  Where my anxiety began I don't know if my anxiety is a result of abandonment trauma or if it's a chemical imbalance.  I do know that while I don't remember experienceing it until I was 7 my mom said I was much younger.  When I was 3 my parents got a divorce. during that time and until my youngest sister was 3 we had a family councilor that was concerned with my self esteem, or lac of.  My mom has told me that she was told to praise everything I did. "Johnnielynn you're sitting so nicely" "look how good you're..."  I only remember being 7.  I remember being in second grade, and every day I was crying because my tummy hurt. As soon as I was out of school I was happy

I'm Back!!!

 Hello everyone, Guess who's back.  I am Johnnielynn, I write a lifestyle blog where I write about my love of beauty products, nannying, pets, and anxiety.  I've been off of blogging for a while and I've missed it so much. Blogging has always been helpful to my mental health. I've also got a social circle of non makeup obsessed friends so while they let me talk about all of the different beauty products that I am loving it's not real exciting to them.  Why did I leave? Ok so as you can guess from the title this isn't my first blog. I first started my blog in 2015 and ran it well for 5 years. I never went "viral" and really it just made me happy. Unfortunately with 2020 came uncertainty and inconsistency so my anxiety crept into my blog. So I gave it up.  I felt like I wasn't putting anything into it, which made me feel guilty so I let it go.  But I've gotten my mental health back under control and am thrilled to start this journey... again Why